Can the LQFP chip be picked?
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LQFP, also known as Low-profile Quad Flat Package (Low-profile Quad Flat Package), is a re-formulation of QFP outline specifications made by the Japanese electronic machinery industry. According to the thickness of the package body, it is divided into QFP (2.0-3.6mm thick), LQFP (1.4mm thick), TQFP (1.0mm thick) three kinds.

Considering whether the chip can be pasted, there are two indicators to evaluate, namely the area of the chip and the density and spacing of the pins.

In terms of placement, parameters such as the visual range, light source, threshold and placement of the chip are required.

The machine is equipped with a high-definition camera, the maximum size of the mounted chip is less than 35mm in diameter, and the distance between the centers of the LQFP pins is greater than 0.5mm. If the above conditions are met, the machine can complete the mounting requirements.

When the machine is mounted, some larger chips need to run at a reduced speed, and the speed of picking and placing chips must be appropriately reduced.

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