Daily cleaning of the nozzle - smt pick and place machine
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The service life of the nozzle we often see in the operation of the SMT placement machine is often related to its own material and workmanship.

As after-sales personnel, we often receive calls from customers saying that the nozzle of my equipment is blocked. What should I do? Details are as follows:

The suction nozzle is blocked: some cleaning wires can be passed through with special suction nozzles, and some suction nozzles do not have special cleaning wires. At this time, acupuncture silver needles can be used to pass through the holes. Nozzle (you can get a silver needle when you buy a nozzle in Huaqi). Another method is to blow with a high-pressure air gun.


Whitening of the nozzle: The materials of the nozzle are various, some will be white, some will never be white, but the nozzle is stained with oil or tin slag, which is dirty and causes the feeling to be white. The nozzle of tungsten steel is whitish, you can apply it with an oil-based pen and continue to use it. The nozzle of plastic steel, ceramics and diamond steel will never become white. If it feels white, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to lightly Gently wipe the nozzle tip


Nozzle sticky material: It can be degaussed with a demagnetizer, especially some metal 0201 0402 small materials, which are most likely to be magnetic when hit.


SMT placement machine nozzle maintenance precautions:

1. When saving the nozzles, put them in a special nozzle box to avoid collision between the nozzles.

2. Avoid contact with the nozzle with magnetic objects.

3. The reflectors of some nozzles are very sensitive and easy to scratch. When the nozzles are dirty, use a special cloth to gently wipe them.

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