How the SMT placement machine is processed
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Many beginners do not have enough understanding and use of the processing technology of SMT placement machine. In fact, most of our domestic SMT placement machine systems are programmed in an easy-to-understand language. Compared with imported placement machines, it is already It is much more convenient. Maybe everyone has insufficient understanding of this placement industry. Now let's take a closer look at the processing process of the SMT placement machine.

       1. Generally, at the front end of the production line, we can use a fully automatic or semi-automatic solder paste mixer to mix the solder paste, or we can use manual mixing, and then move the solder paste to the fully automatic or semi-automatic screen printing machine through the track. The solder paste is leaked onto the designated PCB board to complete a pre-mounting work, and then the samples evenly coated with the solder paste are passed to the SMT placement machine.


       2. After the PCB board comes to the SMT placement machine, we can officially carry out the processing and mounting operation. Usually, we need to use the multi-function placement machine to carry out a work task, and we can also choose according to our own needs. For machines of different speeds and types, the original parts are mounted on the PCB one by one through the suction nozzle through the program set by us in the system management software and then passed to the reflow soldering work.


       3. When the PCB board enters the workshop of the reflow soldering area, usually different reflow soldering machines have multiple temperature areas. Generally, there are three, six, and eight different types of temperature area intervals. We choose the appropriate temperature according to the conditions of the components. So that the components can be firmly fixed on the PCB board, so that the entire production process is completed, and then the produced PCB board is passed to the AOI inspection system to test the effect of the SMT placement machine. If there is a problem, return from the new one, if there is no problem, end the task.

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