How To Choose The SMT Machine
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In modern industrial production, we often contact with the fully automatic SMT industry, and now most of the enterprises will choose SMT pick and place machine for production and daily work, due to the efficient, fast, accurate SMT placement machine was loved by the majority of manufacturers, but placement machine there are good and bad, you know how we should choose the machine?

1.Speed of mounting

Only from the speed of comparison, we can generally be divided into four, six, eight head SMT machine can also be combined machine for production, we generally say four or six head refers to the number of mounting head a SMT machine has, the more the mounting head represents the faster the speed of mounting, the price is relatively expensive, Generally speaking, in terms of speed, we can divide four, six and eight into three speed types, which are 5000-7000, 8000-12000 and 10000-2000, respectively. The speed varies according to our production environment and conditions.

2.Accuracy of mounting

We usually have three methods of precision accuracy, absolute accuracy and repeat precision respectively, and the absolute accuracy refers to we to produce SMT process actually have much deviation, the lower this value represents the higher accuracy, repeatability refers to the repetition of a location to mount a deviation, and the lower the accuracy is higher, Generally speaking, the dialectic of a SMT machine is mainly selected from the speed and accuracy.

3.The required space

Generally speaking, the more mounting head, the larger space

if the location of the manufacturer is limited, the demand for mounting is not particularly high, you can choose four small mounting machine for mounting production, which is not only affordable, but also for our space covering area demand is relatively small, suitable for new enterprises, If the demand for more users we can choose four + eight SMT machine or six + eight combined production, can greatly improve the speed and accuracy of the problem.

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