How to configure the placement machine correctly
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The correct configuration of the placement machine is a necessary job in the production process. If we have problems with the machine configuration, not only will the production efficiency be slowed, the placement will be offset, but also our placement will be invalid, waste of time, and waste. Materials, etc., so we must carry out a reasonable and necessary configuration of the placement machine before using the machine, so how should we configure the machine correctly? Let's take a look


1. The configuration of the placement system: Before we carry out the placement task, we first need to check the various parts of the machine and the production link, such as whether the components we need to mount and the current components match, the suction nozzle Whether the type matches, whether the feeder is installed correctly, whether there is any problem with the number and size of the nozzle, whether the camera is installed correctly, etc.

2. The configuration of the placement program: In the placement program of the placement machine, we need to check whether there is any problem with the accuracy of the placement machine, whether the three axes of XYZ are offset, whether the center point is correctly aligned, and whether the accuracy of the camera is To be accurate, the parameters of the mounted components, the parameters of the circuit board, whether the pallet parameters are normal, etc., all need to be tested.

3. the configuration of database information: The database is a software library that we use to process placement data. Sometimes we need to adjust the database when we operate the placement machine to mount different types of items. One is the component database and the other is the feeder database. Both of these databases can be operated visually on the Huawei Guochuang system. We change different libraries according to the content that we currently need to mount.

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