How to distinguish the performance of the placement machine
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When we are testing the placement machine, generally in addition to its quality problems, it is the performance problem of the placement machine. A good placement machine needs to be carried out in terms of placement, time-consuming, and production speed. Detected, then how should we detect correctly to distinguish the performance of the placement machine? Don't worry, let's analyze it together.

one. Detection of suction problems: a pick and place machine relies on suction nozzles for suction and placement, and suction nozzles rely on materials, vision and vacuum to complete tasks. If there is a problem with suction, it will greatly reduce the productivity of the placement machine.

two. Test reliability: Reliability refers to whether the manufacturer is reliable and whether the software used by each manufacturer is different. With the progress of the times, the types and methods of framing are also developing. If the manufacturer does not update the software or the update is slow, there will be little room for improvement. You can check the time and content of the manufacturer's software update before purchasing.

three. Test placement speed: We can generally divide the placement speed of the placement machine into high-speed placement machines, medium-speed placement machines and small placement machines (low speed). The slower the speed, the lower the price. If there are no hard requirements, you can choose medium speed or low speed, and the cost performance will be relatively high.

Four. Test placement quality: At the same speed, the placement quality of a product is important, not only affecting our yield rate, but also our time and material consumption.

five. Test placement capability: The placement capability of the placement machine includes its placement speed, placement quality and accuracy. Greater placement capability means we spend less time and produce faster, which increases our productivity. On the contrary, it not only reduces our production efficiency, but also wastes a lot of material because the failure rate of the placement machine is too high.

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