How to prevent the placement machine from malfunctioning
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We often use the blade mounter for production in the processing and production. The mounter is an intelligent machine and is easy to use. However, due to our improper use in the production process, it is easy to cause damage or failure of the machine, so In order to avoid the failure of the machine, we need to give preventive measures and implement them. Let the automatic placement machine manufacturers explain to you below.

1.Formulate methods to reduce or avoid misoperation of the placement machine

During installation, many mistakes and shortcomings are incorrect components and incorrect orientation. To this end, the following measures are specially formulated.

1. After the feeder is programmed, a special person should be designated to check whether the component values at each position of the feeder frame are the same as the component values of the corresponding feeder numbers in the programming table. If uncommon, it must be corrected.  

2. For belt feeders, a special person is required to check whether the newly added pallet value is correct before loading.

3. After the chip is programmed by the placement machine, it needs to be modified once to check whether the component number, the rotation angle of the placement head, and the placement direction are correct in each placement process.

4. After the first printed circuit board of each batch is installed, someone must inspect it. If problems are found, they should be corrected in a timely manner by modifying the procedure.

5. During placement, always check for correct placement orientation; number of missing parts, etc. Find problems in time, find out the cause, and troubleshoot.

6. Set up a pre-weld inspection station (manual or AOI) 

Second, the requirements of the placement machine operator

1. Operators should receive certain SMT professional knowledge and skills training. 

2. Strictly follow the machine operating procedures. The equipment is not allowed to operate while sick. When a fault is found, it should be stopped in time, reported to the technician or equipment maintenance personnel, and used after cleaning.

3. The operator is required to concentrate on the eyes, ears and hands during operation. Check whether the machine is abnormal during operation. For example, the tape reel is not working, the plastic tape is broken, and the index is not placed in the correct orientation. During operation, the machine will often be monitored for abnormal sounds. Such as placing heads, falling parts, launchers, scissors, etc. Exceptions are manually detected and handled in a timely manner. Operators can handle minor imperfections such as attaching plastic straps, reassembling feeders, correcting installation orientation and keying in indexes. Machines and circuits are defective and must be repaired by a repairman.

Third, strengthen the daily protection of the placement machine

SMT is a messy high-tech high-precision machine that needs to work in a stable temperature, humidity and clean environment. Strictly follow the requirements of equipment regulations, and adhere to daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual protective measures.

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