How to use and handle the PCB board of the SMT placement machine
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PCB board is the equipment we need to mount components in the production line of SMT placement machine. Usually the use and inlay method of PCB board will have an impact on our process of mounting components. So how should we correctly handle and use PCB boards in SMT placement machines, let's take a look at it together.

Panel size All machines have specified maximum and minimum panel sizes that can be processed.

Fiducial marks Fiducial marks are simple shapes in the wiring layer of a printed circuit board, and the positions of these shapes should not be confused with other aspects of the circuit board design

When designing a printed circuit board with a conveyor belt, components are usually placed near the edge. Therefore, due to the printed circuit board processing mechanism in various machines, the panel processing of the printed circuit board is very important.

The SMT placement machine vision system uses fiducial marks to ensure that all components are correctly positioned. When aligning the PCB to the machine, it is recommended to use the farthest reference point to achieve maximum accuracy, and it is recommended to use three reference points to determine whether the PCB is loaded correctly.

The size and location of components. A design with a large population may place smaller components near larger components, which needs to be considered when generating the placement program. All the smaller components need to be placed before the larger ones to ensure that they are not disturbed-placement of SMT placement machine program optimization software usually takes this into account.

In the SMT placement machine, we need to use and process the PCB board correctly. We want to configure it reasonably, and we must perform the work tasks carefully, so as to maximize our profits

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