If you change the placement direction of the placement machine
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Many times when we are using the placement machine to complete our placement operations, due to our improper settings or detection errors, the placed components are offset. This situation is the result we don't want to see, so what should we do? How to solve the problem of component deviation? It's actually very simple, let's take a look.


1. We need to adjust the hardware settings, and adjust the direction and position of the placement head, suction nozzle, and position of the placement machine. If we use this method, the final placement accuracy of the placement machine will not be special. High, it can be used for products that do not require high accuracy. If there is a certain requirement for accuracy, we can use another method.


2. We need to use the recognition system to perform a recognition task, adjust the position information of the horizontal and vertical axis in the system management software, and at the same time change the direction and position of the nozzle. In most cases, it can be done. Use this method for processing work.


Third, it is also to perform a recognition work first, and then perform a simple processing on the horizontal and vertical axis and the suction nozzle. The next step is to fix the recognition system. When the mounted component passes through the recognition system, the image recognition function can be completed. We can also achieve the function of a placement machine to identify the position of the component

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