Placement speed (CPH)Of PNP MACHINES
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To measure the placement speed of a placement machine, only a single component is attached, regardless of the time of entering and leaving the board, starting and ending in the pure placement state, and the placement speed when the device is at full speed, the unit here is hours, The number of devices mounted per hour, recorded as multi-CPH. 

For example:  four-head pick and place machine speed is 7000CPH

The placement speed of six-head PNP machine is 10000CPH

Eight-head SMT PNP MACHINE is 12000CPH

Comprehensive placement speed, here refers to not a single component, products that need to be placed, including a variety of devices in different packages, so the average placement speed calculated for a variety of different placement products, here is mainly Measure the placement speed according to the placed product.

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