Precautions for using Feida in SMT placement machine
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No matter what kind of machine we use, we should follow certain principles. We should also pay attention to some matters in the process of using Feida to avoid problems in the work. Then we should always use SMT placement machine Feida. What should be noted? Let's take a look together.

1. When installing the feeder, pay attention to whether the cover of the feeder is tight to avoid damage to the suction nozzle. When loading, it is necessary to distinguish between tape and paper tape to avoid poor adsorption

2. When placing Feida on the SMT placement machine, pay attention to whether the hook is fastened. If it shakes after tightening, replace the feeder immediately.

3. If you see Feida parts scattered on the Z axis of the machine, you should notify the maintenance personnel immediately, and the machine can be turned on after inspection. If it is a high-speed feeder, check whether its inner cover can run in the opposite direction, and replace it if possible. In the case of a medium-speed feeder, check whether the beak is worn or not, and replace it if it is worn to avoid unnecessary throwing.

4. If the SMT placement machine is not used temporarily, Feida must fasten the upper cover and put it back on the Feida storage rack as required. When carrying the placement machine, carry it by hand when the distance is close, and carry it by car when the distance is long, but the overlapping part of the machine should not exceed 3 to avoid deformation.

5. If Feida is defective in the SMT placement machine, it should be affixed with a red label and sent by the maintenance personnel to the maintenance department for processing.

6. Do not affix other labels to the machine feeder randomly, and do not place its cover randomly after use.

7. Important reminder: If the SMT placement machine Feida finds any parts missing, it must not be used

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