What are the basic operating procedures of the SMT placement machine
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SMT placement machine is a kind of intelligent machine equipment, which is relatively complicated in use. Many novices start to operate without understanding SMT placement machine. It is a dangerous behavior, which not only wastes time and materials, but may also affect Our safety, so how to operate a SMT placement machine correctly? Listen to the editor below.

1. Workflow of SMT placement machine: board entry and identification recognition - automatic learning - nozzle selection - feeder selection - component pickup - component detection and evaluation - installation - nozzle homing - out of the board

2. The printed circuit board to be installed enters the work area and is fixed in the predetermined position;

3. The component material is installed in the feeder and installed to the suction position of the patch head according to the position set in the program;

4. The placement head of the SMT placement machine will move to the position where the component is picked up, turn on the vacuum, the suction nozzle will drop to suck the component, and then use the vacuum sensor to detect whether the component is sucked;

5. Carry out component identification, read the component characteristics of the component library, and compare with the absorbed components. If it fails after comparison and evaluation, dispose of the part in the waste bin. If the comparison and evaluation are consistent, calculate the center position and angle of the element;

6. According to the setting in the program, adjust the rotation angle of the component through the z-axis of the placement head, and move the placement head to the position set by the program, so that the center of the component coincides with the placement point of the PCB board;

7. The suction nozzle of the SMT placement machine will drop to the height set by the program, close the vacuum, and the components will drop, thus completing the component placement operation at one time;

8. After all components are installed, place the suction nozzle and return it to transfer the PCB to the set position. Complete the entire PCB mounting operation. 

The above eight items are the detailed explanation of the specific steps of operating the SMT placement machine. I believe many people have a certain understanding of the operation, but the specific operation plans of different types and brands of SMT placement machines are also different. It should be operated according to the different operation methods of each brand. If you have more questions about the Huawei Guochuang SMT placement machine, you are welcome to come and consult.

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