What are the main accessories and equipment of SMT placement machine
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SMT placement machine is one of our common equipment for mounting electronic components. There are many accessories inside it to complete our production work. Do you know what main accessories it has? Don't worry, the following Huawei Guochuang multi-function placement machine manufacturer will explain it carefully for you.

One: Mounting head

The placement head is a sensor that helps the placement machine to perform various types of work and production in the placement machine production. It can well help our placement machine to improve placement efficiency. In terms of structural design, the placement head is an important factor in the operation of the placement machine. SMT placement machines want to improve accuracy and speed based on the design of the placement head. Therefore, if the SMT placement machine wants to mount quickly and accurately, it must pay attention to the design and use of the placement head. 

Two: nozzle 

The function of the suction nozzle is to pick up and install parts. For different types of nozzles, we also need different types of nozzles. When the nozzle moves, a vacuum negative pressure is generated inside the nozzle. When the suction nozzle touches the component of the placement machine, the component is firmly sucked by the vacuum negative pressure, and then the component is released to the designated position through the system positioning. This series of actions is the function of the nozzle-assisted placement machine. The suction nozzle is the most easily damaged part of the entire placement machine system, so it should be replaced in time 

Three: Solenoid valve

SMT placement machine solenoid valve is divided into pneumatic solenoid valve and electric solenoid valve, which is an important part of our SMT placement machine. The function of the solenoid valve is to interact with the system and manage other instruments to cooperate with moving, picking, releasing, etc. The driving force of the solenoid valve is very small, so the solenoid valve can be directly driven by the circuit driver we usually use.

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