What should be paid attention to before using the placement machine
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The placement machine is very important in our SMT production process. If we do not set up the placement machine before use, it is very likely that various failures will occur and the placement will be inaccurate, so what should we pay attention to? Woolen cloth? What should I pay attention to before using the placement machine? ...


1. The configuration of the placement machine: Before using the machine, we must first check whether the type of placement head matches the type that we want to mount, and then check whether the position and accuracy of the camera are accurate to prevent deviations during placement , Whether the number and type of nozzles are accurate.

2. The configuration of the placement machine program: after we observe the external configuration of the placement machine, we must also observe whether the placement machine program configuration is correct. We need to carefully check the parameters transmitted by the circuit board, the parameters of the automatic tray feeder and the machine We need to check the parameters of each coordinate axis one by one.

3.The database: When we use the placement machine, we also need to adjust the database. The two major databases that need to be contacted in the production process of SMT placement machines are the component database and the feeder database. We can adjust different databases according to our different product types.

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