Why is pnp machine divided into different numbers of placement heads?
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What are mounting heads:

It is one of the core parts of the SMT  PNP MACHINE  the picking, placing, moving and handling of components are all completed by the mounting head.It is the main motion working part of the mounting machine. According to different machine models, the mounting head is divided into different mounting head numbers. The mounting head has two kinds of swing lifting and independent lifting. Left and right swing lifting for two mounting head sharing a motor, no. 1 down 2 can not drop, no. 2 down 1 can not drop; Independent lifting type, there is no common relationship between the first two pieces of mounting, and they can both finish the work of mounting and unloading materials at the same time

Working principle of mounting heads:

1 Head with rotation Angle, up and down, vacuum adsorption, and other functions, open workflow for head, vacuum adsorption, decrease agency (head to the feeder feeding position, raised, drain device after head through camera photos fast image acquisition, finally moved to the PCB device location is put above, mount head drop in PCB device coordinates, After the vacuum is closed, mount head is raised. 

The difference between the number of mounting heads:

The number of mounting heads is usually even, such as 2 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads, 12 heads; With a large number of mounting heads, more different nozzles can be installed naturally. After all, different nozzles need to be installed for a product to absorb devices of different sizes. Similarly, the number of mounting heads is naturally less than the number of running turns. For example, 80 materials, 8 pieces need 10 turns to complete the mounting, and 4 pieces need 20 turns to complete the mounting. 

Safety protection of mounting heads:

When the machine closes the cover in automatic operation, the mounting head reciprocates greatly, with great speed and inertia. Although the equipment will automatically reduce the speed after opening the cover, it should also pay attention to the risk of machine injury and machine crash. The main risks include: When the feeder is not installed in place or suddenly turned up, the external force of the mounting head is destroyed. When the operator installs the feeder and works inside other machines, the software makes the mounting head move by artificial misoperation, resulting in personal injury.

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