Why use AOI inspection for placement machine production line
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Many times we have non-standard placement on the placement machine production line, but it is not detected, which can not help but affect our quality and also delay the inspection time. At this time, we can use AOI inspection equipment to perform the placement on the placement machine production line. Detection, then do you know why? Let the editor of Huawei Guochuang explain it for you. 

The AOI inspection system can distinguish the color from the solder and the composition, and then set its own color parameters for the things to be identified when making and checking the placement machine program. Then, after the inspection, the placement machine takes the set color parameters as the standard. Compare the image of the tested substrate with the standard image, and make judgments based on the set color parameters. Through this distinction, we can have two advantages. 

Advantage 1: AOI inspection system is a high-precision visual processing technology that can automatically detect whether there are mounting errors and soldering errors on the printed circuit board on the placement machine, and the AOI inspection system can quickly provide online inspection when inspecting the printed circuit board The solution can be found in time and solved quickly, which not only saves more inspection time, but also improves the production efficiency and welding quality of our components. 

Advantage 2: We can reduce defects in the installation process by using AOI inspection and classification as a tool, so as to find and eliminate errors as early as possible in the assembly process of our placement machine, which can achieve good process control and find defects as soon as possible. Avoid sending the bad board to the subsequent assembly stage. AOI can also reduce the maintenance cost of our placement machine production line and quickly avoid the occurrence of discarded circuit boards.

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