High Quality SMT Solder Paste Mixer Lead Free Solder Paste Mixer For PCB Assembly 500g/1000g
High Quality SMT Solder Paste Mixer Lead Free Solder Paste Mixer For PCB Assembly 500g/1000g

Product General Information

Place of Origin:

Brand Name:        HE CAN
Model Number:        HC-500
Certification:        CE


Model        HC-500

Running speed

Motor speed: 1350RPM
One revolution: 400RPM
Second rotation: 300RPM
Ability to work        0-1000g * 2 cans
Accepts solder paste cansTank diameter Φ60-Φ67 standard (suitable for general 500g solder paste bottle)
Time setting0.01s- 99H99s, minute and second setting
Display method        LED digital display
Rated power        Fixed speed 60W
Power        320/110 50/60Hz
Dimensions        400*400*500mm
Weight        45kg

Product Application

HC-500 Solder Cream Mixer is use for mixing the solder paste evenly in can/cans before it pour out on the stencils for smt stencil printing machine . We suggest you bought this machine if you have two and above pick and place machines .

Main Features

1. Basic on motor rotation making Centrifugal Revolution to stir the solder cream in can/cans evenly ,no need to defrost the solder cream before position it into the machine for mixing .No need to recover the can/cans in short time after stirring well by the machine , you can use it within 9 hours .

2. Available for all brands of 500g solder paste,Mixing with 1-2 cans in one time ,which can save time and efficient . 

3. Solder Paste can no need to open during stirring to Avoid Oxidation and water Vaporization.

4. Mixing time can be adjustable from 1-30 min.(usually just mix 3-5 min ) with Moron time relay .

5. The machine is automatic running after setting with stable performance, easy operation, high safety and simple in maintenance.

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