16 Heating Zones Lead Free Hot Air Reflow Oven Machine R816 For SMT/SMD/LED Production Line
16 Heating Zones Lead Free Hot Air Reflow Oven Machine R816 For SMT/SMD/LED Production Line

Product General Information

Place of Origin:ChINA
Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:R816

Product Commercial Terms

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time:1-3 DAYS
Payment Terms:TT/PAYPAL/LC etc
Supply Ability:200PCS/MONTH



1.Heating zone

1.1:New energy saving furnace design, 4 sides return air, the best temperature uniformity 

1.2:Plug-in type imported high temperature motor,quick replacement in 5 minutes

1.3:8 heating zones, 16 heating elements( up 8/ bottom 8 ),ndependent temperature control and switch 

1.4:The latest design of nozzle plate,the best insulation performance

2.Control system

2.1:Siemens PLC, table machine performance

2.2:Professional IPC, Windows 7 operation interface, English/Chinese language free switch

3.Convyeor system

3.1:Conveyor speed: The speed of the stepless frequency converter is 0.35m-1.5m /Min, and the accuracy is ±2mm/Min

4.Cooling zone

4.1: Axial fan forced air cooling (Up and bottom dual cooling)

5.Protection system

5.1: Temperature out of tolerance alarm, transmission speed out of tolerance alarm 

5.2: IPC+UPS

5.3: Super positioning flexible and convenient screw width adjusting syste



Heating Mode

1.Rolling start heating mode, perfect solution of limited power.

2.Adopt international advanced hot air technology, the transverse temperature difference is less than ±2°c.

3.The wind speed in each temperature zone can be adjusted independently to perfect match temp.profile.

4.The temp.difference between Soaking zone and Reflow zone can reach to 100°c without temp.string, fully compliance with the lead-free welding standard.


1.Rail+mesh conveyor

2.Max PCB width: 400mm

3.Automatic width adjustment

4.Rail+mesh special harden treated


System Control & Software

1.PC+PLC controller constitute a perfect and stable control system.

2.Powerful software features, PCB board online temp. measurement, can print and save the temperature curve at any time, easy software, easy operating.

3.Windows XP operating interface, high stability.

4.Hook lift by electric, machine without air supply.



1.Mitsubishi air switch, Schneider Contactor, Carlo Gavazzi SSR, Omron intermediate relay, Delta inverter, etc., to guarantee the system stalibity.

2.Variable speed control of wind motor speed, suitable for welding a variety of special plate(ultra small and light components),may be through the transfer of high temperature zone, reduce wind speed to prevent the shift of components.

3.The heating elements are heating wires, the heat efficiency is high, the air resistance is small, and the utility model is favorable for improving the heat exchange rate and saving electricity.


6.Machine parameters

Machine dimension5300 x 1350x 1490mm


Net weightApprox. 2250kgs
Exhaust volume10m3/min X 2pipe
Power supply5 wire, 3 phase, 380V 50/60HZ

Startup power consumption

Steady power consumption8-12KW
Warming timeAbout 30mins

Temperature range

Room temperature-300℃
Mesh width500mm
Max PCB width420mm
Component heightUp 25mm/Bottom 25mm

Conveyor direction

Left-right ( option: Right-left)
Conveyor speed300-2000mm/min
Data storageProcess data and status storage(80GB)
Abnormal alarmOver temp or low temp alarm, sound and light 2 modes

7.Machine configuration

Heating zoneUp 8, Bottom 8
Cooling zoneUp 8, Bottom 2
Control modeWINDOWS 7+IPC+PLC

Temperature control mode

PID closed loop+SSR driver
Thermal couple wire3pcs
Conveyor systemMesh+Chain
Conveyor control mode3 inverters+Panasonic motor
Hood liftElectric hood lift
UPSStandard, power off standby to protect PCB production completed

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