HECAN High Quality Desktop Infrared LED SMT Welding Machine Reflow Oven T961
HECAN High Quality Desktop Infrared LED SMT Welding Machine Reflow Oven T961

Product General Information

Place of Origin:ChINA
Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:T961

Product Commercial Terms

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time:1-3 DAYS
Payment Terms:TT/PAYPAL/LC etc
Supply Ability:200PCS/MONTH

T-961mini SMT Reflow Oven


1.Description of products 

The Infrared IC Heater T961 is a microprocessor-controlled reflow-oven. This machine uses the intelligent level sirocco and rapid infrared heating technology controlling, so the temperature is being kept very accurate and evenly distributed. It is suitable for high welding temperature lead-free solder paste and can be used for effectively soldering various SMT and BGA components.

2. Products features

(1) Have big infrared soldering max area.

Soldering area to reach effectively :230x730mm, Increase the usage scope of this machine consumedly, economical investment.

(2) Many temperature wave choice for you.

Memory eight kinds of temperature parameter waves can be provided as choice, and establish to move heating and cool off function compulsory;Whole soldering process to complete automatically, easy to use.

(3) Special heat up and temperature equalization with all design.

Output the power reaches to a 3500 W, Adoption fast infrared radiation and circulation the wind for heat,so the temperature is very Accurate and even, Whole soldering process to complete automatically for you choice temperature parameter waves.

(4) Humanized science and technology exquisite article.

Firm of external appearance, can see of operation, amity of person machine operation interface, the perfect temperature wave project, from start to eventually body science and technology now is originally; The agile physical volume and weight, let you economize a great deal of money, the set noodles type places mode, can let you own larger space; Simple operating instructions, let you a see can use.

(5) Perfect function choice.

Return soldering, drying, heat preservation, finalize the design, fast cool off etc.can use Can soldering the most smart small part example CHIP,SOP,PLCC,QFP,BGA etc; Can used to the gum of the product solid turn, the circuit board is hot aging, the PCB plank maintains to wait various works.Be applicable to each kind of business enterprise,company extensively develop and the small batch quantity produce a demand.

· Wide Soldering Area 

· Effective Temperature Control 

· Stable Transmission System 

· Convenient Control 

· Professional Use


· Model: T-961

· Heating Zone: upper 3 / down 3

· Soldering Area: 230 x 730 mm 

· Voltage: 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ

· Length of Heating Zone: 730 mm 

· Max Width of PCB Board: 230 mm 

· Rated Power: 3.5KW

· Speed of Conveyor Belt: 0-290mm/min 

· Heating Up Time: Around 7min 

· Temperature Control Range: Room temperature - 300 ℃ / 572 ℉ 

· Temperature Control Accuracy: ± 1℃ 

· Temperature Distribution Deviation: ± 2℃

· Heating Mode:Infrared & Hot Air 

· Temp Cantrol:PID closed-loop control

· Direction:left-right 

· Cooling zone:1

· L*W*H (mm):1000*466*445mm

· Machine Weight:70kg

· Gross Weight:90kg

1.Individual-panel operation
Easy to operate,avoids high temp of the panel to improve stability
2.Preset 8 intelligent waves
Using programmable technology,preset 8 temp waves,can complete the whole welding process automatically8 waves satisfy various soldering requirments, avoids to change temp every time

3.LCD Disply intutively
LCD display every data Better visiual experience
4.PID temp control system
PID control makes temp more accuracy. fast heating, low energy consumption& high efficiency
5.Thermal insulation protection design
Unique insulation design keep temp stability of 6 heating zones,avoids high temp of the machine shell

Reflow Oven T961 Front View

Reflow Oven T961 Back View

ModelSoldering widthPowerTemp rangeHeating zoneDimensions





Q: How is the training?

A: After buying our machines, your engineers can go to our company or it is so easy to operate the machine according the training video and user manual, the user manual will come with the machine together.

Q:Is it hard to use these machines?

A: No, not hard at all For our previous clients, just about 2 days for learning operation

Q:Are machines can meet software update? 

A:YES, we will update machine and will send you at first time 

Q:Do you have any operation videos to watch? 

A:We provide customers with special operation videos. If you don't understand anything, you can contact us and will arrange engineers to shoot the specified videos. 

Q: What kind of maintenance is needed?

A: Add lubricating oil to the guide rail, let the water drain away which from the oil-water separator, and clean the nozzle (we will support this oil)

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