Infrared IC Heater BGA SMD SMT Rework Station One Zone Reflow Oven T-962A Bench Top Machine
Infrared IC Heater BGA SMD SMT Rework Station One Zone Reflow Oven T-962A Bench Top Machine

Product General Information

Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:T962A

Product Commercial Terms

Minimum Order Quantity:

Packaging Details:CARTON BOX
Delivery Time:1-3 DAYS
Payment Terms:TT/PAYPAL/LC etc
Supply Ability:300PCS/MONTH

Product Features

1. Super volume reflow zone

The circuit board area is 300 x 320 mm, which greatly increases the use scope of the machine and saves investment.

2. Mufti temperature curve selection

Eight kinds of temperature parameter curves can be selected in the memory, and the functions of manual heating and forced cooling are provided; The whole welding process is completed automatically and the operation is simple.

3. Unique temperature rise and uniform design

The output power of 1500W fast infrared heating and temperature fan, make the temperature more accurate and uniform, according to your preset temperature curve can automatically and accurately complete the whole production process, without your extra control.

4. Humanized science and technology products

Resolute appearance, visual operation, friendly man-machine interface, perfect temperature curve scheme, from beginning to end reflect the science and technology-based; Lightweight volume and weight, let you save a lot of money; Table type placement mode, can let you have more space; Simple operation instructions, let you see it.

5. Perfect function selection

Back welding, drying, heat preservation, shaping, rapid cooling and other functions are integrated; Can complete chip, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA and other packaging forms of single and double-sided PCB welding; It can be used for product curing, circuit board thermal aging, PCB maintenance and other work. It is widely used in R & D and small batch production of various enterprises, companies and institutes.


The product T962A is controlled by microcomputer, which can meet different SMD and BGA welding requirements. The whole welding process is completed automatically, and the operation is simple.

Using fast infrared radiation and circulating air heating, the temperature is more accurate and uniform.

Fuzzy temperature control technology and visual drawer worktable make the whole welding process automatically completed under your monitoring; It can complete the welding of single and double side plates; It can weld the finest surface mount components.

It adopts maintenance free and high reliability design, which makes you feel satisfied and at ease.



Soldering area        300mmX320mm
N. Weight        13kg
Gross weight:         14kg
Voltage/Frequency        AC110V ~AC220V/50~60HZ
Power rating        1500W

Cycle time

1~8 min
Temp rageRoom temp~280℃
Product size430×370×260mm
Packing size510×450×330mm

ModelHeat areaPowerTemperatureType
T-962180*235mm800w280℃Lead free/Lead/BGA/LED
T-962A300*320mm1500w280℃Lead free/Lead/BGA/LED
T-962A+370*450mm2300w350℃Lead free/Lead/BGA/LED
T-962C400*600mm2800w280℃Lead free/Lead/BGA/LED

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