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HECAN Basic Pick And Place Machine PNP Machine PCB Assembly Line For BGA 0201 40*40mm IC
HECAN Basic Pick And Place Machine PNP Machine PCB Assembly Line For BGA 0201 40*40mm IC

Product General Information

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Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:HC500/HC3040/HC-H4/R306

Product Commercial Terms

Minimum Order Quantity:

Packaging Details:CARTON BOX And WOODEN
Delivery Time:5-7 DAYS
Payment Terms:TT/PAYPAL/LC etc
Supply Ability:200PCS/MONTH

Simple SMT Production Line Recommend


No.1:Paste Mixer Machine HC-500

No.2:Manual Stencil Printer HC-3040

No.3:Table Type Pick Place Machine HC-H4(It can be optionally VERTICAL)

No.4:6 Zones Reflow Oven Machine R306


1. Vision system: One mark camera.,four fast cameras and one HD camera.

2. Four placement heads:can pick up and calibrate components

3. Up to 50 feeder slots:Yamaha standard pneumatic and electric feeder is available.

4. Built-in computer mainboard, the monitor, key board and mouse will ship with machine.

5. Video tutorials make you operate machine easily

6. Free to upgrade software and provide technology support for life


1.Mixer machine HC-500



Running speed

Motor speed: 1350RPM
One revolution: 400RPM
Second rotation: 300RPM
Ability to work0-1000g * 2 cans
Accepts solder paste cansTank diameter 60-67 standard (suitable for general 500g solder paste bottle)
Time setting0.01s- 99H99s, minute and second setting
Display methodLED digital display
Rated powerFixed speed 60W
Power320/110 50/60Hz

2.Printer 3040

Work table size

Print size250*400mm
Max net frame size370*470mm

Printer way

Thickness of the substrates0-80mm
The workbench adjust volume10mm, Horizontal Angle adjustment

Printing platform height

Repeated accuracy+-0.01mm

locate mode

Benchmark or hole shape
Dimension540*370*350 mm
Packing size630*450*480mm
WeightNW.20Kg GW.23Kg

3.Pick and Place Machine HC-H4

Model        HC-H4
Number of placement heads4(High accuracy)

Number of calibrated cameras


Mark camera------------------1

Fast recognition camera--4

High-precision camera----1

Number of feeder positions:50/44(can be selected)

Number of trays

Support up to 48 non- feeder devices, each material can specify its coordinates within the mounting range, and further expand the single-machine order receiving capability from the practical aspect
Maximum mounting speed7000CPH
Avenge mounting speed6000CPH
Combination mounting speed5000CPH

Mounting accuracy range

0201-40 * 40mm pin pitch 0.3mm chip (In the case of optional support for electric feeder, stable placement of trapezoidal LED lamp beads in 0603 package, 0402, 0201)

PCB entry mode

Left-in and right-out automatically enter the board, support the connection function of left and right equipment
Repetition positioning accuracy0.01mm
Nozzle buffer range4.5mm
Maximum moving range of Z axis20mm
Maximum height for components7 mm(can be customized to 20mm)
Maximum PCB circuit board size350*190mm(If it is changed to 44-bit feeder, it can be 350mm*280mm)
Drive motorAC servo motor
Guide railLinear guide rail
Drive modeBall screw
Suction nozzle vacuum sourceHigh-speed vacuum generator with vacuum release function
Average power600W
Power supply220/110V 50/60Hz
Ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Compressed air pressure range0.5-0.6Mpa
Minimum exhaust volume of air supply source80-120L / min, volume above 50L
Air source quality requirementsOil water filter; 50L,dust filter and air pressure stabilizer etc
The trachea requiresAn outer diameter of 10 mm and a material of PU
Weight (Desk /Vertical)        210/280KG

Dimensions (Desk machine)

Dimensions (Vertical machine )140*90*134CM

4.Reflow Soldering Machine 306

Heating temperature zone

Heating zone length1000mm
Heating elementvacuum ultra-long life nickel-chromium heater

Heating method

Turbocharged full hot air temperature zone independent small cycle forced heating and rapid temperature increase, power saving and

energy saving

Whole machine control mode

Operation panel keys plus microcomputer intelligent instrument PID closed-loop control / touch screen control
Heating time≤15 minutes

Number of cooling zones

Cooling methodConstant current forced air cooling
Temperature control accuracy        ± 1 ℃
PCB board lateral deviation        ± 2 ℃
PCB maximum width        the horizontal width of the mesh belt is 300mm
Component allowable height        35mm
Transportation direction        Left → right
Transmission belt height        Mesh belt 900 ± 20mm
Transmission method        Stainless steel B-shaped mesh belt

Conveyor speed

150-220mm / min
Abnormal alarmUltra high temperature alarm
Power supplyAC220V / 50HZ
Start / normal power6KW / 2KW
WeightDesktop 130Kg,vertical three-temperature zone,180Kg
DimensionsDesktop L1650×W613×H660mm vertical machine L1650×W613 ×H1225mm

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