Hot Sale Cheap Offline Optical PCBA Inspection/Online AOI Machine
Hot Sale Cheap Offline Optical PCBA Inspection/Online AOI Machine

Product General Information

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Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:M3


1.International first-line brand accessories to ensure the accuracy of equipment operation.

2. It can be operated remotely.

3. Rrgb coaxial LED light source is designed independently to ensure the uniformity of light.

4. A variety of algorithms, easy to deal with complex detection environment.

5. Bending automatic compensation function, flexible plate detection is also excellent.

6. Safety light curtain protection system to ensure the safety of operators.

7. SPC data statistics, the same error occurs many times automatic alarm, so as to remind the improved production process.


1. According to the detection principle, AOI visual inspection equipment can be divided into two categories: one uses laser as detection means, the other uses CCD lens to capture images for processing. In the AOI products using CCD mode, the vast majority still use black-and-white image processing mode. Another way to realize three-dimensional is to use color principle combined with color CCD lens to process the assembly board in "color highlight" mode.

2. AOI visual inspection is divided into two parts: optical part and image processing part.

3. AOI visual inspection equipment can be placed at different positions of SMT production line after solder paste printing, before reflow soldering and after soldering.

4. AOI visual inspection equipment is placed after solder paste printing to detect the following contents: too much solder paste, too little solder paste, whether the position of solder paste graphics is offset, whether there is adhesion between solder paste graphics.

5. AOI visual inspection equipment is placed after SMT mounting, and the inspection contents before reflow soldering are as follows: component sticking error, displacement, reverse sticking (such as resistance flip), component side standing, component loss, polarity error, sticking between solder paste patterns caused by excessive chip pressure, etc.

6. AOI visual inspection equipment is placed after reflow soldering furnace. The inspection content: it can detect the welding defects such as wrong component placement, component displacement, component reverse placement (such as resistance turnover), component loss, polarity error, solder joint humidity, too much solder, too little solder, missed solder, false solder, bridging, solder ball (solder ball between pins), component warping (vertical stele).

7. AOI visual inspection equipment can detect the types of welding defects: missing parts, reverse polarity, reverse component turnover, OCR character recognition, nosolder lack of tin. / multi tin, bridge bridging, shift offset, other.


1 . Flexible line change, suitable for testing product variety, small single quantity, often need line change.           

2. It is suitable for off-line inspection after reflow welding and wave soldering.


Applicable scenarioInspection after SMT reflux furnace
Detection algorithm

TOC, Histogram, Match, Short, Other, PIN, etc

Resolution/visual range/speed

300W pixels500W pixels

Standard:20um/Pixel  FOV:40mmx30mm  Speed<260ms/FOV

Matching:25um/Pixel  FOV:50mmx38mm  Speed<270ms/FOV

Matching:15um/Pixel  FOV:30mmx23mm  Speed<240ms/FOV

Matching:10um/Pixel  FOV:20mmx15mm  Speed<220ms/FOV

Standard:20um/Pixel   FOV:48mmx40mm   Speed<230ms/FOV

Matching:25um/Pixel   FOV:60mmx50mm   Speed<250ms/FOV

Matching:15um/Pixel   FOV:36mmx30mm   Speed<210ms/FOV

Matching:10um/Pixel   FOV:24mmx20mm   Speed<160ms/FOV

Light sourceHigh brightness rrgb coaxial ring tower LED light source (color light)
ProgrammingManual writing,automatic frame,CAD data import,catalog retrieval.(optional: offline programming,remote programming)

Remote control

Througthe TCP / IP network, remote operation, anytime and anywhere view, start, or stop the machine operation, modify the program and other operations can be realized

Detection coverage type

Solder paste printing: bridging, deflection, No solder paste, less / more tin, foreign matters

Surface mounting: bridging, wrong parts, missing parts, polarity, deviation, stele erection, reversal, damage, IC bending feet, foreign matters

After reflow welding: wrong parts, missing parts, polarity, deviation, stele erection, reversal, damage, IC bending feet, foreign matters, No solder paste, less / more tin, bridging, false welding, solder ball

After wave soldering: inserting needle, No solder paste, less / more tin, hole, false soldering, solder ball

Special function 

It supports automatic calling program, multi board multi program detection function, positive and negative program detection function; it can check 0-359 ° rotating parts (unit: 1 °)
Minimum element10um; 01005chip & 0.3 pitch IC

SPC and process

Test data is recorded and analyzed in the whole process. Production status and quality analysis can be viewed in any area, and excel, txt and other file formats can be output
Bar code systemAutomatic barcode recognition (1D or 2D code)
Server modeAdopt central server to manage several AOI data centrally
OtherWindows7,21.5 "LCD, OK / NG signal

PCB size range50X50mm (min) ~ 430X330mm (max)50X50mm (min) ~ 500X600mm (max)
PCB thickness range0.3 to 5mm
Edge clearance of PCB clamping systemTOP: 3.5mm Bottom: 3.5mm
Maximum PCB weight        3KG
PCB curvature        < 5mm or 2% of PCB diagonal length
PCB upper and lower clear heightPCB top side: 30mm PCB bottom side: 60mm
Conveyor systemAutomatic opening and closing of the two-sided fixture, automatic compensation PCB bending deformation.
Conveyor height of ground850 to 920 mm
Conveyor flow directionPCB moves in Y direction
X / Y platform driveScrew rod and AC servo motor drive,PCB fixed,camera moving in X direction
Power SupplyAC230V 50/60Hz   <0.5KVA
Equipment weightAbout 500KG
Equipment size870*1060*1310mm(L*W*H) 1000*1425*1310mm(L*W*H
Ambient temperature and humidity10-35 ℃ 35-80% RH (no condensation)
Equipment safety regulationsComply with CE safety standards

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