Professional LED SMD Making Machine SMT Production PCB Assembly Line with CE certificate
Professional LED SMD Making Machine SMT Production PCB Assembly Line with CE certificate

Product General Information

Place of Origin:

Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:S550/HC-H8/612E

Product Commercial Terms

Minimum Order Quantity:

Packaging Details:WOODEN
Delivery Time:5-7 DAYS
Payment Terms:TT/PAYPAL/LC etc
Supply Ability:200PCS/MONTH

Product Introduction

HECAN LED Automatic Placement Machine Production Line Introduction:

Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machine→Semi-auto Printer Machine→Loader Machine→SMT multi-function Placement Machine→Connection Table→SMT multi-function Placement Machine→Connection Table→12-Zones Temperature Zones Lead-free Reflow Soldering Machine

Note: The SMT patch line is a fully automated line configuration that requires only 1-2 operator per line.


1. Up to 160 feeders can be placed on both sides

2.Equipped with a variety of nozzles, can be manually replaced

3. Various components can be installed: various resistors, capacitors, IC, BGA, QFP, CFP, BGA

4.Maximum PCB board 500X380MM, suitable for all kinds of PCB boards, flexible circuit boards, aluminum substrates.

5.Meet the electronics factory, SMT processing plant, LED application manufacturer, LED lamp manufacturer to install LED3528, 5050, 3014, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1W high power, 3W high power, IC and other devices, package Device tubes, triodes, etc. effectively improve the accuracy and efficiency of placement, saving a lot of labor costs.

Conventional placement of products

1.LED lights: LED bulbs, LED spotlights, LED lights, LED ceiling lights.

2.Lighting categories: LED wall washer, digital tube, isolation tube, LED rainbow light.

3.Screen category: LED surface display, LED module.

4.High-power LED lights: LED ramps, street lights, spotlights, street lights, LED table lamps, 1W ~ 3W plane, spherical, bi-peak LED.

5.Electronic products: computer motherboard, MP3 motherboard, power motherboard, LED light power board, LED power supply, LED driver, LED module, LED display.

6.For LED products within 500X380MM size.


1.Semi-auto Paste Printer Machine

Direction of movementCan be left or right
Working desk size500mm-320mm


Gas source0.5mpa-0.8mpa

Mobile motor

Three-phase motor 60W
Moving speed0-2200mm/mins
GuideTaiwan HIWIN Linear Guide
PLC controlSiemens
Touch screen4.3# Display control screen

Master cylinder

Cutter head cylinderCDU25-50
Frequency converterENC

2.Pick And Place Machine With 8 Heads+80 Feeders

Number of placement heads8(High-accuracy)
Number of feeder positions80(subject to 8mm feeder)

Number of cameras


Mark camera----------------1

Fast recognition camera--8

High-precision camera----1

Number of tray

Support up to 48 non- feeder devices, each material can specify its coordinates within the mounting range, and further expand the single-machine order receiving capability from the practical aspect
Positioning accuracy0.01mm

Repeated Mounting Accuracy

Nozzle buffer range4.5mm
Maximum Area of PCB500*380mm
Maximum height of components7mm(can be customized to 20mm)

Maximum moving range of Z axis

Maximum mounting speed15000CPH
Average mounting speed10000-12000CPH
GuideScrew guide
Drive motorPanasonic AC Servo Motor MINAS A6 series
Motion drive system

Panasonic high-speed DSP drive

XYZ drive guide railDouble linear motion guide + double ground ball screw

Applicable mounting range

Suitable for 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, diode, triode, SOT, and QFP, BGA, etc.with lead pitch ≥0.3mm (pin center distance 0.5mm) within 40 * 40mm
PCB entry modeThree-stage entry automatic connection from left to right,automatic PCB
Programming methodAutomatic programming after manually importing files of PCB coordinates
Adjusting Method of TracksElectric
Mark PositioningAutomatic--Manual
Recognition modeSimultaneous recognition of eight heads
Tape feeder8,12,16,24mm and vibrating feeder (can be attached to the tube chip)
Electronic feeder        Option
Vacuum source of suction nozzleHigh-speed on-off vacuum generator with vacuum breaker
Operating systemBased on  windows xp, win7, software of machine independently developed by OURSELF
Element angle0-360°synchronous rotation during movement
X/Y operation modeIntelligent curve of the linear acceleration and deceleration linkage
Intelligent alarmAutomatic correction, automatic replacement, shortage alarm
Visual display17-inch industrial control display ratio 4: 3 resolution 1280x1024
Power supply220/110V  50/60Hz
Average power1000W
Compressed air0.5-0.6Mpa
Minimum exhaust volume of the air supply source80-120L / min, the volume is more than 60L
Air source quality requirementsOil water filter;≥60L,dust filter and air pressure stabilizer etc



3.12 Zones Lead-free Reflow Oven Machine

Model        R612E
Heating parameters
Number of heating zonesUp 6 Down6
Heating zone length2100mm
Heat wayHot air
Number of cooling zones2
Send part parameters
Mesh belt width350mm
Transportation directionLeft→right
Conveyor belt height880±20mm
Delivery methodMesh belt drive + guide rail
Conveyor speed0-600mm/min Electronic speed regulation
Control part parameters

Power supply

5-wire 3-phase 380V 50/60Hz
Starting power24KW
Power during normal operationApprox.6KW
Heating timeAbout 20 minutes
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature-400℃
Temperature control methodFull computer PID closed loop control, SSR drive
Temperature control accuracy±1-2℃
PCB temperature distribution deviation±2-3℃
Abnormal alarmAbnormal temperature (super high temperature after constant temperature)







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