SMT Online 8 Heads Simultaneous Recognition LED Pick And Place Machine With 120 Feeders Positions Pick And Place Robot PCB ASSEMBLY LINE
SMT Online 8 Heads Simultaneous Recognition LED Pick And Place Machine With 120 Feeders Positions Pick And Place Robot PCB ASSEMBLY LINE

Product General Information

Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:HC-DSQ800

Product Commercial Terms

Minimum Order Quantity:

Packaging Details:WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time:1-3 DAYS
Payment Terms:TT/PAYPAL/LC etc
Supply Ability:100PCS/MONTH

Product Introduction


1.Feeder Positions----120 PCS

Satisfy the mounting needs of various types of materials+Packaged components of various specifications

A:120 *8mm feeder stations, support 8/12/16/24/32/44mm NXT electric feeder +Vibration feeder + multiple IC trays

B:NXT electric platform, specifications:8mm-44mm NXT electric feeder

High efficiency, stable performance and long service life

2.Independent placement heads-----8 PCS

Allocate various nozzles,Suitable for product placement requirements of more specification devices

A:Four mounting heads pick simultaneously on each of the left and right arms Eight heads working at the same time, the efficiency of material taking is improved

B:The mounting head can be raised and lowered independently, 0-360 degree rotation,The maximum height of the applicable components can reach to 20mm

C:The Z-axis can rise and fall independently according to the thickness of the material.For the resistance and capacitance components, the mounting head can realize the fly visual identification.for high components can reduce speed and High placement mode operation

D:Can meet the different sizes of product components, specifications and packaging, achieve the diversity of a product device mounted at one time

3.Comprehensive efficiency :20000/CPH Maximum efficiency :26000/CPH

A:Mounting speed of various components(resistance, capacitance, chip):20000/CPH

B:Only capacitance or resistance or LED lamp mounting speed:26000/CPH

4.High speed cameras*8, HD camera*1 ,Mark cameras*2

A:The high-speed camera can take visual pictures of devices with a diameter of less than 10mm, including resistor and capacitance, lamp bead, transistor, diode and so on 

B:The HD camera meet the requirements of devices with a diameter of less than 35mm, mainly chips, pins, modules and other devices for visual photography

5.Resistance and capacitance above 0201, 0.3mm pins chip

A:Use electric feeder to meet the minimum 0201 device mounting requirements. 

B:HD camera accurate vision, meet the needs of QPF, BGA, QFP chip mounting

6.PCB with thickness less than 3mm, size:350*330mm

A:Support the thickness of 1mm-3MM PCB board (including resin board, aluminum board, soft board, etc) 

B:Support minimum PCB width : 50mm Maximum PCB width: 330mm Length :350mm 

Quick Detail

Number of Placement Heads

Positioning Accuracy0.01mm
Range of Mounting Speed20000-26000Pcs/h
Supported Maximum Area of PCB350*330mm
Maximum Height of Applicable Components≤20mm


HC-DSQ800 is latest fully automatic multi-function independent 8 head combined machine.is suitable for mass production and processing.There are 120 feeders that can be placed,It can mount a large number of components at the same time.

Our software give customers a more perfect experience,detailed instructions, simple operation.


Number of Placement Heads8(high-accuracy)
Number of iC Trays96
Number of Feeders120(subject to 8mm feeder)
Positioning Accuracy0.01mm
Repeated Mounting Accuracy0.02mm
Range of Mounting Speed20000-26000Pcs/h
Applicable ComponentsResistor/capacitor/chip/lamp bead etc
Supported Maximum Area of PCB350*330mm

NXT electric feeder,vibration feeder,IC tray etc

Recognition DevicesMark camera x2,fast recognition camera x8, high-precision camera x1
Maximum Height of Applicable Components≤20mm
Recognition MethodsSimultaneous recognition and picking with four heads
PCB Convey ModeThree-stage entry,automatic connection from left to right,automatic PCB
Mark PositioningManual/ automatic
Programming MethodAutomatic programming after manually importing files of PCB coordinates
Control SystemControl system of own design
Maximum Step Lenqth of XY Axis

423mm*734mm(left),423mm*734mm (right)

Tracks of XY AxisFour linear motion quide + four ground ball screw
Motion Mode of XY AxisIntelligent linkage of acceleration and deceleration of curve and line, integrated linear interpolation algorithm.

Control Computer

Industrial control computer with Intel high-performance processorindustrial control computer with Intel high-performance processor
Adjusting Method of TracksElectric
Range of Nozzle Buffer4.5mm
Maximum Step length of Z Axis50mm
Maximum Step Length of Z AxisResistor/capacitor/chip/lamp bead etc
Range of Angle for Components士180°
MotorImported AC Servo Motor MINAS A6 series
DriverImported high-speed DSP driver
Air Supply Requirements

Oil water filter> 60L,dust filter and air pressure stabilizer etc

Vacuum Supply of Nozzle

Japanese CKD vacuum generator integrating the high.speed vacuum burst function
Range of Air Supply Pressure0.5-0.6mp
Vision Display17-inch industrial control display
OsIndependent research and development SMT intelligent OS based on Windows
CableGerman lgus durable flexible cable(10 million times)
Power Supply

220V 50/60Hz

Average Power


Machine Dimensions1740*1360*1440mm

Stable Mounting Head



AC servo motor


Working Areas


Precision Ball Screw and Linear Motion Guide

High Durable Cable Carrier and Flexible Cable


High Resolution Fast Camera And HD Camera


Competitive Advantage

Software advantage: the software has optimization function, and the operation interface is perfect.

Quality advantage:a professional team of technicians make sure the good quality products and fast upgrade.

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