High Speed SMD Pick And Place Machine With 8 Heads And 10 Cameras And 80 Feeders And Three-Stage Entry Automatic SMT PRODUCTION LINE
High Speed SMD Pick And Place Machine With 8 Heads And 10 Cameras And 80 Feeders And Three-Stage Entry Automatic SMT PRODUCTION LINE

Product General Information

Place of Origin:

Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:H8

Product Commercial Terms

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:WOODEN
Delivery Time:1-3 DAYS
Payment Terms:TT/PAYPAL/LC etc
Supply Ability:100PCS/MONTH

Product Introduction


In order to get higher speed, more accurate, lower wear, SMD PICK AND PLACE MACHINE comes with 8 heads 10 cameras 80 feeder positions

SMD PICK AND PLACE MACHINE used Three-stage entry automatic connection from left to right, automatic programming after manually importing files of PCB coordinates

Based on  windows xp, win7, software of machine independently developed by OURSELF  1-year warranty, lifetime maintenance.

Part List

1.Pick and place machine:1 Set 

2.IC fixed support:4 Sets(Four M5*8,Four M5*20 screw) 

3.JUKI nozzle:20Pcs(502*4,503*6,504*6,505*3,506*1) 

4.Solid calibrate nozzle:8 Pcs 

5.Power wire:1 PC(A machine external power supply) 

6.Fixed foot:4 PCS(Three coats)

7.The keyboard and mouse:1 Set 

8.Nozzle calibration inkpad:1 box 

9.Lubricant:1 Pcs 

10.I3 industrial control PC (with key):1 Set 

11.17 inch display:1 Set (Display*1, VGA line*1, power line*1) 

12.Bracket:2 Sets(Display bracket*1 keyboard and mouse bracket*1) 

13.Conveyor connection line:2 Pcs 

14.Camera parameter adjustment line:1 PC(Plug*3)

15.Handle:2 PCS(M4*6 screw*6) 

16.Seal ring of feeder:10 Pcs


Number of placement heads8(High-accuracy)
Number of feeder positions80(subject to 8mm feeder)

Number of cameras


Mark camera----------------1

Fast recognition camera--8

High-precision camera----1

Number of tray

Support up to 48 non- feeder devices, each material can specify its coordinates within the mounting range, and further expand the single-machine order receiving capability from the practical aspect
Positioning accuracy0.01mm
Repeated Mounting Accuracy0.025mm
Nozzle buffer range4.5mm
Maximum Area of PCB500*380mm
Maximum height of components7mm(can be customized to 20mm)
Maximum moving range of Z axis20mm
Maximum mounting speed15000CPH
Average mounting speed10000-12000CPH
GuideScrew guide
Drive motorImported AC Servo Motor MINAS A6 series
Motion drive systemImported high-speed DSP drive
XYZ drive guide railDouble linear motion guide + double ground ball screw

Applicable mounting range

Suitable for 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, diode, triode, SOT, and QFP, BGA, etc.with lead pitch ≥0.3mm (pin center distance 0.5mm) within 40 * 40mm
PCB entry modeThree-stage entry automatic connection from left to right,automatic PCB
Programming methodAutomatic programming after manually importing files of PCB coordinates
Adjusting Method of TracksElectric
Mark PositioningAutomatic--Manual
Recognition modeSimultaneous recognition of eight heads
Tape feeder

8,12,16,24mm and vibrating feeder (can be attached to the tube chip)

Electronic feederOption
Vacuum source of suction nozzleHigh-speed on-off vacuum generator with vacuum breaker
Operating systemBased on  windows xp, win7, software of machine independently developed by OURSELF
Element angle0-360°synchronous rotation during movement
X/Y operation modeIntelligent curve of the linear acceleration and deceleration linkage
Intelligent alarmAutomatic correction, automatic replacement, shortage alarm
Visual display17-inch industrial control display ratio 4: 3 resolution 1280x1024

Power supply

220/110V  50/60Hz
Average power1000W
Compressed air0.5-0.6Mpa
Minimum exhaust volume of the air supply source80-120L / min, the volume is more than 60L
Air source quality requirementsOil water filter;≥60L,dust filter and air pressure stabilizer etc
Weight        600KG

Applicable Area+Mounting Range


PNP Inner Details

pnp inner details

Three-Stage Entry Automatic Connection From left To Right,Automatic PCB


Servo Motor+Guide Rail



0201 Placement Production




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