DIP Solder Machine Automatic Wave Soldering Machine PCB DIP Production Line
DIP Solder Machine Automatic Wave Soldering Machine PCB DIP Production Line

Product General Information

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Brand Name:HE CAN
Model Number:300M


1.The streamlined appearance design of the machine body adopts the plastic spraying 

process, which does not drop the paint, which is beautiful and durable. 

2. The second section has an independent 1.5-meter preheating zone and full hot air preheating, so that the PCB can obtain a good soldering effect.

3. Patented alloy chain claw, no deformation, long life.

4. Curved observation window, elegant appearance, easy to operate and maintain.

5. Tin stove up and down manual adjustment, tin stove in and out manual adjustment.

6. Equipped with temperature compensation module, suitable for lead-free soldering and various process requirements.

7. The tin furnace adopts an adjustable nozzle design; the amount of tin slag oxidation is extremely low, and the liquid tin flow design principle is used to reduce the impact oxidation amount of tin. The peak can be adjusted with the width of the PCB board, which greatly reduces the amount of tin oxidation when soldering a small PCB board , The adjustable distance is 70-300MM.

8. The transmission mechanism adopts precise modular design, with accurate transmission, long service life and easy maintenance.

9. The rosin spray device can be pulled out and disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance.

10. Isolating spray device, the flux fumes are discharged from the dedicated air duct. 

11. Powerful parameter library function, various PCB process parameters can be called and operated as required.

12. The brand touch screen+ PLC control system is adopted to ensure the reliability and stability of the system.

13. It can automatically switch on and off according to the date, time and temperature 

control parameters set by the user.

13. System fault self diagnosis, fault causes automatically displayed, troubleshooting methods at any time query.

14. PID closed-loop control is adopted for heating temperature, which is stable and reliable.

15, closed loop automatic tracking spray system, spray width and spray time automatically adjust, and can be set as required and advance and prolong the spray time.

16. It is equipped with economic operation and automatic wave when passing through the plate to minimize the amount of tin oxidation.

17. The force limiter is used in the transportation system to ensure the stability and safety during transportation.

18. Short circuit and over-current protection system can protect the key electrical components of the equipment.

19. Closed loop control of transportation system. Stepless speed regulation, precise control of PCB preheating and welding time.

Quick Detail




PCB board adjustable width:Max.50~300mm

PCB board transport height:750±50mm

Preheating zone length:1500MM

Number of preheating zones:3


Wave soldering machine is mainly composed of conveyor belt, heater, tin bath, pump, flux foaming (or spray) device and so on. It is mainly divided into flux adding area, preheating area and welding area.

The solder in the tin bath is gradually melted under the heating of the heater. Under the action of the mechanical pump (or electromagnetic pump), the molten liquid solder forms a specific shape of solder wave on the liquid surface of the solder bath, which becomes a wave. The PCB with the components inserted is placed on the transmission device, and the solder joint welding is realized by passing through the solder wave through a certain angle and a certain immersion depth.


PCB board adjustable widthMax.50~300mm
PCB board transport height750±50mm
PCB board transportation speed0~1800mm/Min
PCB board transportation angle (welding inclination)3~7°
PCB        board   transportation direction        L→R or R→L
PCB board height limitationMax.100mm
Peak height range0 — — 12mm adjustable, and keep the peak balance

Number of peaks

Preheating zone length1500mm
Number of preheating zones3
Preheating zone power9kw
Preheating zone temperatureRoom temperature ~ 250 ℃ can be set

way to heat up

Hot air
Applicable solder typeLead-free solder / ordinary solder
The amount of tin dissolved in the tin furnaceApprox.300kg
Tin furnace temperatureRoom temperature ~ 300 ℃, control accuracy ± 1-2 ℃

Tin furnace power

Temperature control methodP.I.D+SSR

Machine control mode

Mitsubishi PLC + display control touch screen
Flux capacityMax5.2L
Flux flow10~100ml/min
Spray methodStepping motor
power supply3-phase 5-wire system 380V

Starting power (total power)

Normal operating powerApprox.7kw
Gas source4~7KG/CM2
Frame sizeL2800×W1200×H1650mm

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